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Software-defined platforms


Within this SCIKE subproject, the German software cluster partners make use of their specific expertise and contribute to solutions in integrated, vertical process support. In particualr, two areas of application are in focus – “Smart City” and “Industrial Data Space”.

Those are based on interdisciplinary technologies ranging over data acquisition, sensor technology, and data modeling, analysis, and prediction, as well as integration based on software-defined networks and platforms.

Silicon Valley 

“Innovation hub”


Now already densely connected, data intensive environments are characteristic for all industrial sectors entailing their individual challenges and opportunities.

In the context of SCIKE, the German Software-Cluster partners will bring in their expertise in integrated, vertical process support by starting with vertical integrations in two case-study areas of application—“Smart City” and “Industrial Data Space”. Both are based on interdisciplinary technologies coming from data collection, sensor technology, networking on the basis of software-defined networks and platforms, and data modeling, analysis and prediction.

Within the application area “Industrial Data Space” the innovative use of IoT data helps mechanical engineering and technology enterprises to optimize market-oriented business processes in B2B markets. Progressing the achievements of smart city technologies constitutes the second focus of the cooperation. Here, multiple information and communication technologies and IoT solutions are combined in a secure fashion to face the challenges of urban management.

The SCIKE partners are looking for further cooperation and networking partners to apply IoT solutions resulting from the SCIKE project to other contexts.

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