Smart digital enterprise solutions in highly mobile ecosystems

The R&D sub project in Singapore enables Software-Cluster partners to establish Industry 4.0 services with a focus on advanced manufacturing in highly available, mobile environments. Since Singapore is a high-quality manufacturing location, its advanced and highly available mobile infrastructure provides a living lab for industrial solutions. There is a growing interest in topics like Smart Factory, Robotics & Automation as well as Additive Manufacturing.


“Innovation hub”


Industry 4.0 (I4.0) as a main revolutionary driver for ICT in manufacturing, combines Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to allow new and innovative ways to connect resources, processes and networks. Catching up with the ever growing trend of mobile solutions, mobility will also play a fundamental role in the I4.0 enabled workplace of the future by providing both workers and supervisors with critical data at the touch of a button (on-demand, in time, at the right place). Here, Singapore as a high-quality manufacturing location with its advanced and highly available mobile infrastructure provides a living lab for industrial solutions. By applying the use of additional sensors for environment perception it is possible to capture the as-is state of any product, process, or even the digital factory and it is manufacturing processes.

The SCIKE Singapore project combines the advantages of I4.0 solutions “Made in Germany” with a highly innovative ecosystem and sophisticated mobile IT infrastructure in Singapore.


The Software-Cluster and the innovation hub Singapore are working closer together within the framework of the BMBF-sponsored Software-Cluster internationalization strategy.

The video presents the cooperation in the area of mobile industry 4.0 solutions.

At the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2018 – the first Hannover Messe in Singapore – the demo of the “SCIKE-Singapore” project was successfully presented to a boarder audience. More information and further impressions are contained in the video.


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